Abyssalize Ammo?

Could that work?

In before… Golden Ammo…


How do you imagine it to work? it’ll be a headache to manage all the different unique types of ammo and grouping weapons wont work anymore. I mean some turrets can be loaded with more than 100 units of ammo (basic production amount and i suppose it’ll be used as basic ammo mutation amount as well). That means that to load 1 turret completely you’ll need several exact same rolls. Good luck with that.

What really needs to be “abyssalized” is mining modules and/or upgrades.


I unlocked every tank in the German, Russian and USA tree in World of Tanks without ever firing one gold round.

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So you’re that bastard


This was my thought as well

How do you imagine it to work?

Stacks of 5-10k at a time with random rolls on the stats.


The sad part is that there’s a good chance the “new” playerbase isn’t actually going to reject that as much as they should. Like there weren’t enough people rejecting the PLEX vault, or the idea of injecting skillbooks remotely. Not sure that’s already a thing, but the idea was on the table.


I mean, uh, knowing you a bit I can imagine the response, but I’m curious!

why not? it is really a missed opportunity, imo. Miners are players as well and want to bling their ships for a reasonable price. There always has been a lack of diversity in mining module choice - very limited number of faction modules, no deadspace and no officer ones at all. Every other weapon system has mutaplasmids available for its upgrade modules, except MLUs. That will also be an indirect “nerf” to orca/rorq as they dont use MLUs.

Are these reasons enough?

I’m not disagreeing with you, but I’m not a fan of cheaper ore/minerals. Too many bears are destroying the mining-profession already, and pushing the price too far down, too.

I am a fan of the idea of miners blinging their ships more and getting killed for it, but that’s not something that’s likely going to happen.

Sure, it would massively improve profitability of ganking a Skiff, which will likely be the one ship where people would use such modules most (outliers exist, of course) but when gankers know it, then miners know it as well, soooooooo… the odds of people actually using them are rather low-ish, considering miners being the number one targets for gankers.

What a trainwreck of a paragraph! :smiley:

how many of those are flying something that is not orca/rorq to meaningfully affect overall production?

I don’t understand. It’s the sum of them that’s the problem, not them individually. I’m not even sure all the Rorqu’d ore is ever reaching highsec, but that’s something one can figure out, I guess.

Maybe you are right, but the feeling that miners were left out on the abyssmal goodies doesn’t want to leave me.

I don’t like this idea. Apart from the technical side being hard to implement, you can pimp out your ship already to hellish ammounts.
And there are quite some flavors of ammunition ot choose from too.

I would rather see the developer time spent somehwere else.
Maybe on faction destroyers.

Dont change damage amounts, ROF or range, change damage types. Itd be easier to balance that way.

Like kinetic lasers and explosive hybrids?

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