How To Reload Ammo In Fitting Room?

Hi, How do you reload your ammo in the fitting room? I just started just now and kind of lost on how to do this. Seems a bit overwhelming but I know their are a lot of nice folks who will help me out thank you !

It is easier to just do it in space, but you can drag the ammo on top of the gun if you want to and it will load in the fitting window. You can also press the group weapons icon before you do it, so all the guns load together.


just drag and drop the ammos onto the middle of the fitting window and they will fill up all weapons at the same time

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If you are in space:

right click on the launcher/turret (or group) and options will appear for the ammunition you have that can reload in that weapon. i.e. Ammunition that fits the weapon and is in the hold.

Very conveniently the currently loaded ammunition is at the top (above “reload all”) and the rest is listed by range - longest range at the top of the list (below “reload all”), shortest at the bottom. Complete with little “damage type” icons.

“Reload All” reloads all the weapons with whatever the current/last ammunition type was. Be aware if you have mixed weapons (for example turrets and launchers aren’t uncommon in Minmatar ships) that it will put all weapons into a reload cycle. While 10 seconds for a projectile turret is “irritating”, suddenly taking off line a Rapid Missile Launcher for best part half a minute in the middle of something is a “definitely annoying”.

In a station: drag and drop the ammunition from the hold/hangar onto the relevant turrets in the fitting window. There are also “hard to see unload icons” for the turrets as well - these put the ammunition into the hangar or hold of the ship (can’t remember since I don’t use it).

he asked “in fitting room” :wink:

There’s so many answers to that:
It depends:

  • Is the ammunition fitted below the clothing?
  • Is that Standard M going to fit or do we need to get the L or XL off the rack for you?
  • Will it look better in Navy?

I’ve met a few new players that didn’t realise you could reload in space and would break off a mission to go back to a station to reload their weapons.

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You can drop the ammo in the middle and it loads all the guns btw.

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