There are red lines when I try to buy ammunation for my pulse laser I?

Hello. I’m a newbie and I need some help. When I try to fit Gamma S ammunition to my Pulse Laser I and try to Buy and Fit them it shows Red diagonal lines around the order. Please some help or some other way! I really appreciate any help you can provide.

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you might be trying to do a buy order, which there are none available. look for another market to get them.

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how to look for another… sorry im a newbie I don’t know that much

You open the Market Browser either with Alt-R or by navigating the Neocom menu in the top left corner: Finance / Regional Market

There you can either use the search field or navigate the tree: Ammunition & Charges / Frequency Crystals / Standard Crystals / Small

Make sure that the range filter (second icon right to the search field) is configured to show orders from the whole region.

Most regions will have one system where most of the sell orders are concentrated. The biggest “Trade Hub” of the game is in Jita. But most basic stuff like Crystals should be available in your current region too.

And btw: You may want to buy different kind of crystals. Like Multifrequency S for short range/high damage and some others for increased range but lower damage.

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