Green offers in local market

Hi folks,
I wonder why some sell/buy offers are green highlighted in the local market. First I thought it was because they are offered by corpmates, but that seems to be wrong.
Any suggestions?

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It means you are within range to complete such a transaction. Highlighting what buyer’s orders are possible.

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Green = in range.

When you set up a buy order, if you click the Advanced button, it lets you set up a range (as well as your price, if you don’t like the default “best” price that the market suggests). Setting up a range for buy orders means that the sellers can sell to you from their station, and YOU’LL have to go pick up the stuff.

It’s mostly used when someone wants to buy stuff from the whole region, no matter where it is, and they’ll transport it themselves. Usually region-wide buy orders are cheaply priced, the idea being “if you want the best price, go sell your stuff at Jita, but if you don’t feel like hauling the stuff there, I’ll buy it at your station but at a huge discount.” Typically done with widely useful stuff, like minerals used for production, or stuff that can be used from anywhere, like skill injectors or PLEX.

There are a few skills in the Trade category that you need to train in order to be able to set up a range for your orders, up to and including region-wide. A couple more skills to be trained that will also let you modify orders without having to go to the station where they are (remote set up of orders / remote modify orders).


Just an fyi, Buy/Sell orders highlighted in Blue are your own orders :grin:

Yeah, that was quite easy to deduct from my own transactions :slight_smile:
After short time I found out that I find all of my open orders in my wallet, also all completed transactions in the next tab there. Handy tool, I like to log in and find out who bought my stuff where and when :muscle: :+1:

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