Market Window bugged?

(Nasim Noud) #1

The order marked should be green too right? It’s a region wide order.
Or am i missing something?

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #2

I think it’s only green cause its in the station, where as the top 2 arent?

(Nasim Noud) #3

Green means “order is active in the place you are / you can sell to it from here”; since region wide orders are acitve over the whole region, they should be green everywhere in the whole region.
A system range order is green everywhere in the same system and so on.

It should look like this one

(Boldly Gone) #4

Perhaps the buyer has no access to the station you are at that moment?

(Skitterball) #5

You probably don’t have the “Minimum Quantity” for the order.

EDIT: NVM I see required QTY…

(Chainsaw Plankton) #6

looks like you are docked in the perimiter - trade market citadel so you can’t sell to orders from other citadels.

can only execute citadel orders in that citadel or an NPC station.