Am I Blind? Is The Game Blind?

Hopefully the uploaded image is clear enough to see, but i’m trying to trade 10 Radio L crystals into the Amarr Navy LP shop for 10 Navy Radio L. (twice)

I have enough LP, Radio crystals and ISK and am in the right LP/faction station - yet it’s showing the crystals required are red and the transaction invalid. I even have a 10 stack Radio L in my ship inventory and a 10 stack in the station inventory to make sure.

All the above can be confirmed in the pic.

So am i blind? Is the game blind? What am i missing.

Make sure the crystals are in your item hanger, can’t tell from the picture, but they have to be in there.

I have a 10 stack in both my ship inventory far-left above-center in the pic, and a 10 stack in the item hangar somewhat down and left of center. (can click to enlarge)

Put all 20 into the item hanger and see if that works, there is a bug that I had sometimes in terms of the ship deciding I had 4 crystals instead of five when I was changing ammo. So try that.

I actually started with the 20 stack in item hangar, the 10 stack in both to be sure was post trouble shooting.

Still doesn’t work.

Odd right?

Very odd indeed. I would suggest that you try another station from the same NPC entity and see if the same happens.

That worked at least.

The seemingly bugged try was at “Bhizeba IX - moon 1 - amarr navy logistic support”
If you wanna look at it CCP. (even though i realized it shows the station on my UI lol)


this is not the correct place to make a bug report.

Next time it happens, F12 > open bug report, explain here, make screenshot, send.

Sometime it does not work because you have a small stack of them. a stack of 1 plus a stack of 10 can make the game consider you can only afford 1 lens.

As shown in the pic i tried with a stack of 10 (and with a stack of 20) for a 10 stack trade and i wasn’t sure it was a bug - new player that only played briefly years ago and just came back.

Well, that screenshot clearly shows that there are 10 Radio Crystals in the Item Hangar. Which means the game is blind. Closing and re-opening the LP Store window should technically solve that but then again…



Try undocking and docking again, then put the crystals in the station hangar.

Great, i think i already found another bug.

Although this one is to do with a starter career line agent, so i’m not sure i can just go somewhere else.

I have one starter career mission-line left, it shows 4/5 agents “career path already completed” with the red speech bubbles as shown on the far right (with the last available one showing a white speech bubble)

The tutorial showed me how to pick this last career line available out from the agency menu and got me to talk to them, but as shown they’re saying “sorry i have no job for you” to the upper right, meanwhile the blue tutorial chick to her left is saying “captain you are now in good hands of the career agents… this career agent has offered you a mission…” lol.

What even is this…


Tries to entice new players with free to play, then granting more access to more stuff with alpha clones. (free to play)

Does nothing to improve the quality of the new player experience.

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You have no experience to talk about this.

If you refused one mission you can’t talk to that agent again. Same if you completed the mission chain.
Now good thing is, there are three career agent per path and per empire, so you are free to search for the next one and ask him.

I agree this seems buggy though, did you consider USING THE F12 REPORT BUG OPTION THAT I TALKED TO YOU ABOUT ?
If you don’t, then you are the sole reason why the new player experience quality is not better.

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I would have but i have short term memory loss, not to mention the fact that i have short term memory loss.

I don’t want to have to take the time out to make a report on every little bug seemingly every 30min - it’s bad enough i have to take the time out to seek help on the forums over it. (to receive a response and help with overcoming it) Unless they put me on the payroll.

Especially when you consider how old the game is compared to how early i found these bugs. Pretty sure someone who encountered this problem decades later, in the tutorial, is not to blame because they didn’t bug report it.

Victim blaming, classy.

Thanks for the multiple agent tip, i saw them in the agency menu but i wasn’t sure if they all handled the introduction missions or not, guess ill make the extra 8 jumps needed and try the next one.

Usually closing the LP store and then re-opening it fixes that, its just a matter of updating by closing the window.

As for the agent, as said above, declining missions from that agent once, will lock you out of them forever, so chances are you declined because you thought you didnt need to run them. In other words, not a bug.

You are not a victim of anything but you lack of will to enhance the things.
If you don’t want to make a correct bug report when you find a bug, then you don’t deserve any help.
You complaining here will do nothing. You are not doing yourself any favour by indulging yourself to whine rather than act.

Making a correct bug report requires 2 min, the same time as you need to post here. However it will have an effect on the game since devs DO read the bug reports (and tell me when I am at fault)


Declining a mission locks you out permanently from that agent?

But agents are finite, i guess you’re meant to come to an understanding that you’re not supposed to use the decline feature?

Which is odd because i’ve been doing missions’ chains for the last couple of hours, and after the dialogue of each individual mission of each chain it has a warning that only says:

“Declining a mission more than once every 4 hours from an agent may result in a loss of standing with that agent. Except in the case of special missions that clearly state otherwise in the description.”

So it’s either a bug or they’ve changed it but haven’t updated the dialogue?

Regular mission agents and storyline agents are very different.

For regular mission agents, you can decline missions every 4 hours granted that your standings with the agent or Corp does not dip below a certain threshold.

For storyline mission agents, they only offer their missions once per character. This means that you do the mission storyline, and then that’s it. No more missions offered by that agent.

This also means that declining a mission locks you out. This is because the mission is in a chain, and you need to do them in order, consecutively.

And yes, this has been true for as long as I’ve been playing eve, which is 5 years now.

Just. No. Stop spreading BS.

“basic” agents are lead by their standing. Three standings are used : with agent, with its corp, with its faction. If one of them is <-2 then the effective agent standing is the lowest of them ; otherwise the effective standing is the highest.

(basic) Agents of l1 are always available. agents of L2 need an effective standing of +1, L3 need +3, L4 need +5 and L5 need +7.

You can refuse how many missions you want. It will however have a 0.01 negative impact with the agent’s faction, a negative impact with the agent coporation and the agents, both of the same value as you would have gained when completing the mission, with max skills, IIRC. you have one free (no negative impact) refusal every 4h. A basic mission will automatically fail/refuse after 1week, failing incur higher loss than refusing ; and of course since you did not do a mission for 1w refusing is thus free.

There is more to know, on the eve-uni site .

Not really BS, but okay.

Not sure how this contradicts my statement, but sure.

I was responding in terms of what he quoted from the agents, i.e. what he saw from the dialogue and with regards to declining missions for more than once every 4 hours. Again, nothing contradicting what i said, but okay.

Again, sure. But were talking specifically regarding the Storyline missions ,and not the regular, basic agents and their missions. The core of the discussion here is with regards to Storyline missions, and whether what is being told in by the basic agents is applicable to storyline agents. Which is what i focused on.

So again, not really BS. But okay.