Buged Quest?

Doing this quest.

I’m at step 6

I am in the docks, have bought the item from the market and put it in me cargohold. nothing happens.

Do you have to craft the item ? the quest say “acquire item”.


No you do not need to build the item, You do need to speak to the agent and hand in the mission.

I do not have the option to talk it says i must have the item in my cargo. and i have it in.

Are you SURE you are in the same station as the agent is in?

I assume you are visiting the career agents for your corp. You will need to be docked at the State War Academy station in Uitra VI Moon 4, with a Tracking Computer I in your hangar (or cargo hold) speaking to Hakkaras Ihora

If you purchased a different kind of tracking computer - say a Tracking Computer II or an Optical Compact Tracking Computer - it won’t work.

If you’re sure everything is as it should be, submit a support ticket and the GM will reset the mission. I’ve run several characters through the Career Agents in Uitra - all the missions work.

Long time.

When I speak to hakkaras Ihora and put “complete mission” I have this.

What am I missing ?

You don’t appear to be missing anything. Time to submit a support ticket and ask the GMs to reset the mission.

Hah, looks like your tracking computer is not repackaged.
When modules are used and unfitted from ships or damaged loot, they must be repackaged to be tradeable or to be sent in to complete missions. You cannot sell this item either as long as there does not appear the little number of items in the bottom left of the icon, which shows the tradeable amount.
Repackaging is quite easy: right click on icon -> choose “repackage”. If they are damaged, they have to be repaired before. The item has to be in the station hangar, not in a ship cargo hold.


Excellent catch!

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