Balancing the Books 6 of 10

There’s a bug in code, as far as i am concerned or the description of the Mission is incorrect.

The Mission objective is to acquire: Tracking Computer I.
I have bought Tracking Compute I, from store in my station, at same station where agent of mission is located. That item didn’t count as quest item.
So the point of Mission is to travel to different location and acquire it there, couple of jumps from agent location.

Something have to be done with BTB6 mission, so the players won’t have a delusion about completing it. As i had and lost time and money bonus.

P.S. 2 Moderators, if the topic is not in right section, please shift it. Sorry couldn’t find bug report section…

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The tracking computer in your hold does not appear to be packaged - try putting it in your item hangar, right click and repackage - see if that solves your problem.


There is no bug report section on forums, use the in-game Bug Report (F12 menu)

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I’ve tried, ain’t working. so I’ve just bought another one 2 jumps away - it helped.

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I just finished this yesterday. I found that purchasing the blueprint and manufacturing this yourself worked great.

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I’m having an issue with this, the quest seems to want me to buy an item from the market… the price on the market at cheapest is around 34 mil and the reward for such a purchase is a mining laser and 142 k is there something wrong with this quest?

It is usually obtainable through the mission. Either through a drop, or building it.

You can, if youre lazy, buy it off the market, but looks like someone knows that and has deliberately set up a sell order for 34 million isk in order to profit off your laziness.

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The module is a Tracking Computer, right?
To add to what Solonius said, everywhere else the module should cost no more than 100k ISK.

Set you market to “regional” and you will find much better bargains.

I had this problem too, bought it in the same station. I just undocked and docked again and he accepted it :joy:

Get the bpo. Get raw materials. Go to the station, sell them at 150000 ISK. Profit and gloat. If the other guy drops his price too, mission acomplished. If buys you out, make more untill it is no longer free ISK for him. Not CCP’s fault.

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