Need help with Balancing the Books part 3

Hi, I have not been playing for that long and have ran into an issue with the first agents that are available. I have completed the industry career path with no issues and then went to go on the buisness career path. I have got as far as part 3 and ran into a brick wall.

The mission requires me to mine Veldspar in the local (?) region and so I have done. I then return to the agent and he doesnt accept the mission complete and I dont know why. as the following image shows I have completed all the mission objectives however he still refuses to complete it. I would assume this is because I had Tritanium from my previous industry path that it was pulling form but even after selling this I still can not complete it. I am stuck with what I actually need to do in order to complete the mission and continue with the career path.

did you kill the rats that shown up?

there was one and yes I got rid of them, they only spawned once on my first outing.

could be a bug, because the mission is supposed to be complete after killing the rats (veld and trit can be obtained in other ways)

Try going back out to see if there is one more spawn, or you may need to just hang out there long enough to get the mission complete notification…

i’ve had regular missions not register after completing until I go back and sit for a minute or two.

have been out multiple times, even tried to go to different systems (I think they are called, like through the jump things, im new I dont know what they are called) and no luck. have stayed a whole 10 minutes in local asteroid fields without another spawn. Even quit and came back a day later to try again.

press F12 in game and submit a bug report then. Or I think its the first option to have the mission reset.

Mission description says “head out to a certain set of coordinates” - did you mine in a common belt or at the mission desto?
You don’t have to refine if you’ve already got enough Tritanium in store, but you must show up there.

The mission description tells me to mine in Clellinon which is where I am located. I also had 18k Tritanium from the previous mission but it would not accept that.

The agent wants you to warp to a deadspace pocket - a specific mission warp point. From your description, it is not clear if you went to the mission warp point or to a general asteroid belt. If you do not go to the warp point, it will not progress the mission.

You must definetly travel to a certain point in Clellinon: You find a link under “Objective”, right after “Location” in your mission briefing (and your screenshot).
After undockung, you are supposed to see a blue “Warp to”-Button ot the left of your screen where you also find mission details. Press that button, and do some mining after arriving. If I recall properly, there will show up two minor drones which are easy to kill. After killing them, you can travel back home and finish the mission easily.
Further mission info.

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