Just can't figure it out

I am right at the start of my EVE journey, and I already feel as dumb as rocks. I chose to do the Industrialist Career Agency, and have starting Making a Mountain out of Molehills.

I went to the closest asteroid field within 0.9 Ulta, mined a full inventory of Veldspar, returned to agent and it won’t let me complete the mission.

There are 3 objectives - mine the Veldspar, and State War academy drop off point - both ticked as complete. The third says ‘Location This System 0.9 Ultra’ and remains unticked. I have visited, and mined Veldspar from every asteroid location in the 0.9 Ultra system and it still won’t let me complete the mission.

Someone please tell me how much of an idiot I am being, and what super obvious thing I am missing. Driving me ■■■■■■■ nuts.

Which mission is it? What part?

@Geralt_Ston Do you have the Veldspar physically in the cargo hold of your ship when you open the agent’s screen?

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You have to go to the location in that system. When you arrive in the system rt click and warp to mission area (I forget the terms in the menu)


Ask for help in the Rookie Help tab in-game, folks will point you in the right direction.

You can also take a look at the Career Agents - EVE University Wiki for written guides, as well as on YT for video guides.

Good luck o7

This. If I remember correctly, 8k in ore?

Nah, just 1000, but if you keep on mining for some minutes you will have enough Tritanium and Veldspar for following missions of the same agent.

But the most important point is as mentioned above: Warp to the location given by the agent and mine the Veldspar there.

I know it took me an eternity to figure out not to take the stuff from my ship’s cargo. If you don’t have the stash in your cargo it won’t let you finish the missions.

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