Veldspar asteroids

In EVE Online I have a mission that requests me to mine Veldspar from an asteroid. But I don’t know how to reach to that asteroid. I have the right instruments and I know one asteroid belt but I don’t know how to reach an asteroid.
Can you help me?
Thank you!

Look to the left side of your screen, you should see a blue button labelled “undock”. Click it and you’ll be undocked. Once you’re in space, the text on the blue button should change either to “warp to location” or “set destination”.

If it’s “warp to location”, just click it and you’ll automatically warp to the mission veldspar location. If it’s “set destination”, click it and the autopilot will automatically plot a suitable route, which will appear as a series of colourful boxes above that blue button’s panel. Right click the first box, and select “jump through stargate” until you arrive at your destination system.

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Thank you very much!

In addition to what @Felix_Isimazu said, sometimes asteroid belts can be empty. I’m also relatively new but it’s my understanding that if they’re empty then they’ve already been cleared out by other miners.

And they will respawn at downtime each day. Belts in high sec systems near trade hubs and starter systems tend to be cleaned out quickly after downtime, so it is often recommended to do your mining further from the high-traffic areas (both to find resources, and reduce likelihood of a ganker coming by).