Only veldspar

Hello, in the asteroid belt , 0.8 , i can find only veldspar it is normal? In game guide said also scordite and other.
Can someone explain where i do a fault.

It’s quite possible that some else has already mined out the non-Veldspar. Have a look in the other belts in the system.
So saying - and in Domain at least - Veldspar isn’t a bad option at the moment, better than Scordite.

I am looking for it in past fews days, after daily reset also, only veldspar around.

I’d chalk it up to bad luck - though it is unusual. Have you checked surrounding systems? I’ve not heard of a change in distribution. Is there anything odd going on in that system?
Like Lemons, if life gives you Veldspar, mine Veldspar.

Be wary of mining just for ISK. There’s much more you can do - even as an Alpha Clone. Running missions and looting/salvaging the wrecks can be a good earner. Exploration is also a fair bit of fun - though it can be riskier.

“Where i do a fault” sounds much funnier in a glaswegian accent and doesn’t mean the same thing :joy:

Yes, this is normal. You may want to look at information like this to see where which ore is available:

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Saw the table in wiki i am in caldari 0.8 but nothing i will try to move. Thanks to everybody for help.

Hi if you mail me I can gladly help you out

Do you have all ores in overview?

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