Finding rarer ores?

How do you find the rarer (and more profitable) ore variants of things like Veldspare and Scordite?

Are there specific regions that have more of them?

Any asteroid belt that his Veldspar will have Concentrated and Dense Veldspar.

I know.

But looking at the Market there are all sorts of variations on the base ore. Some seem very high priced.

How are those found?

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Sometimes the clue is in the market information. For example if you search for scordite you will also get condensed, massive and glossy versions. If you click on glossy, there is a little “i” information tag that comes up, next to the name. if you read that you can see that glossy scordite comes from moon mining. Then you have to work out for yourself, what moons, where, etc.

That doesn’t always work tho eg with compressed scordite you just seem to have to know that players can mine ordinary scordite and then compress it themselves to a very valuable “version” of the original. Then you have to work out where and how to do compression. Etc.

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Is there a chart or list that shows what ores come from where? (belts, moons, gas clouds etc)



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