So nobody buying glossy Scordite in Jita

(Piugattuk) #1

Checking the yield it is better then massive Scordite

Massive Scordite 381/190 Tritanium/Pyerite

Glossy Scordite 398/199 Tritanium/Pyerite

Yet there are no orders, seems like the market hasn’t caught on to this oversight.

(Krysenth) #2

It’s primarily down to the reliability of orders for such things. If you’re a largescale producer, which would you rather have? Constant and frequent supply of “typical” ore, or infrequent and unreliable supply of better ore, even if at a discount?

And if I’m assuming correctly, you’re also talking about the type of ore that only comes out of moons anyways. That alone makes it extremely unreliable.

(system) #3

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