Unable to find Production Assistant

Hi All,

I have a question about completing the agent mission Making Mountains of Molehills part 9 of 10. I was asked to go mine some ore and defeat the pirates that come and stop me. They should be have an production assistant from what I have read elsewhere. Unfortunately, when i go to the warp location there is nothing there. Could you please help me?

If I remember correctly, there is one single Veldpar Asteroid. About a minute after you started mining, some minor pirates appear, which easily can be killed with two drones guarding a Venture.

So check your overview if you can see asteroids.

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Hi Pierre,

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately, there is not a single asteroid. When I warp to the location via the mission screen I land in empty space with nothing nearby. Therefore, I believe there is an error or something because this way I cannot finish the mission.

It’s there, you probably just can’t see it. Did you switch to your mining overview (3rd tab on your overview window)? Asteroids aren’t listed in the default overview tab.


Hi Kepler,

Thank you for the information. There is no asteroid in the overview. As you can see on the image there is no anything in the area.

Here another screenshot of the location and the emptyness.

You need an “all” tab in your overview, showing just everything on grid the overview can show. Helps me to find mission related structures I usually ignore.

Some hint from another page http://wiki.eve-inspiracy.com/index.php?title=Making_Mountains_of_Molehills_9_of_10


Thank you for attempting to help. Unfortunately, it just seems like the space is totally empty. I have checked all the different screens and different sites such as the one that you suggested and have been unable to find anything that can help. Sadly the location is just totally empty!

Also I looked into quitting the mission and trying to restart but it gives me a warning that I abort the mission I will not be able to recieve another mission from the NPC.

Please provide a screenshot where your overview is set to the ‘Mining’ tab while you are in mission deadspace.

He already did.

You’re right, I missed that one.

Sounds like bug report time, assuming this persisted after server downtime.

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