Issue with an industry tutorial mission

In the mission making mountains out of molehills 9/10, when i went to the point to mine the asteroid, the enemy never showed up. I made sure i was at the correct spot, i warped and tried to come back and see if it fixed it, i even waited 24 hours to try it again, and the asteroids are not respawning nor is any enemy. I have submitted 2 bug reports on this and gotten no reply and tried the help chat channel with no help, im at a loss because i dont want to quit the mission. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks in advance

Not an expert, but I think what you want is a GM support ticket, not a bug report.

Also, IIRC you can go to another academy with Career Agents and repeat the tutorials if you don’t want to wait.

Hope that helps.

Did you mine any ore? You have to mine to get him to spawn.

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ok ill try the gm ticket. thank you .

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yea i mined the ore, and kept mining until all the asteroids in that location was gone and still nothing spawned.

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