Problem with the career mission "Making Mountains of Molehills 9"

I went to an asteroid field in the system where I was given, as the mission giver told me too. However, when I killed the pirate thats supposed to show up, it didn’t drop the cargo pod with the guy that I’m supposed to bring back to the station. Or at least thats how I was told your supposed to capture him, according to people in game. I’ve since tried going back to the asteroid belts but none of the ships I encountered dropped the pod.

Check your ships inventory, some missions drop the items straight in your ship.

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I looked in my ships inventory, it’s not there.

You need to look for a cargo can that drops after you kill the pirate. Cargo can’s despawn after 2 hours though, so you are probably going to need to put in a ticket and have them reset the mission for you.

okay how do I put in a ticket for them to reset it? Sorry I’m new to the forums.

You need to do it through the help menu in game, it will take you to the support portal

F12 in game

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