Capsule In Space But Not Player On Local

So I destroyed someone’s ship. His pod is sitting right in front of me… but there’s no one else on Local chat. How’s this possible?

Local chat can get bugged every now and then happens but its rare.

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He disconnected with a combat timer (probably the timer due to you shooting his ship), this means their ship (and pod) will stay in space until the timer ends, or they get killed.


Only until the system recognizes his disconnect after which the pod will perform an emergency warp within 1 AU to a random direction or something like that, so unless something prevents the warp (warp disruptor / scram / such) it should not be there unless it is shortly after the disconnect and the connection timeout did not happen yet. :bulb:

You can combat scan down the pod (and shoot it), it’ll still be in space but not showing in local.

True but OP wrote he killed his ship and didn’t mention scanning his pod down, it sounded like the ship went kaboom then the pod stood there and the guy disappeared from local. At least that is how it seems based on the OP which is what I’ve based my reply on.

that’s exactly what happened.

I didn’t do any combat scanning. The pod didnt warp away in a ramdon direction in 1AU. It was literally in front of my ship 100m from where the ship was destroyed. And local was only me.

Did you get a kill mail was it maybe an npc? I remember an npc pod in one of the event’s.

No, the pod was from the player ship I killed. No NPC anywhere.

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Did you warp disrupt / scram the pod? How long you waited and the pod stood there after the guy disappeared from local? It can take even several minutes for the server to realize the player has disconnected.

5minutes i guess. And I didnt scram the pod. I left it alone. didnt even target lock it to avoid a huge security status loss.

Target lock is no problem and won’t be punished, how else you gonna shoot snowballs and fireworks at CONCORD vessels and fellow players :wink:

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