Is logged off user visible in station guest list?


caption tells it all. Made a quick research and couldn’t find an answer to this.

Sorry if the topic was already exist.

Logged off users should not appear in any station guest list, or in any chat channel listings if everything is operating as it should. That doesn’t mean a glitch can never happen, though.

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Thanks, that’s all i need to know.

What about when you’ve been naughty, and are stuck in space for 15 minutes regardless of whether you’ve logged-off in RL ?

If you’ve got an NPC or Capsuleer combat timer, you can still log out and you’ll disconnect from chats and local as normal, I believe. Your ship, though, will remain in space and can be shot at, combat probed, or whatever else. Folks will just be able to tell you’re not in the pilot seat to shoot back at them if you’re in an area that includes you in the local list.

Disconnection can happen outside of the realm of the game’s control, such as when one has faulty internet. In these cases of sudden disconnect from poor internet or pulling the plug on purpose, the server will not know immediately that a disconnect has occurred and the player will remain in space and in chat channels/station guest lists for a time until a disconnect that has not been gracefully signaled is recognized for what it is.

in case of disconnect in space - server will also attempt to warp you away to a safe spot 1.000.000 km away while keeping modules that were turned on cycling. This will fail if you are tackled by players or NPCs or you are in a bubble.

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