Game crashed while docked. Logged back in. Now im in a capsule at the station

Im trying to figure out if my ship was destroyed while docked in a station when the game crashed. When i got back on, im still in the station. But, now im in a capsule.


  1. If ur ship is destroyed, are u notified in-game? Like could i have lost my ship prior to docking w/o realizing it? …pretty sure id have noticed, right?

  2. In the killReport, it lists a system that i believe is where im supposed to have died. Is that correct? …cuz as far as i can tell, ive never been there. And its REALLY far away

  3. If ur ship is destroyed while undocked & offline, do u normally end up back in a station when u get back online?

I submitted a ticket to at least get clarification as to what happened, but no response yet.

I was attacked at 1 point. But was under the impression, i got away. A timer appeared. But, it had already run out well before the game crashed. Cant think of anything else to add. Any help would be great. I.e. how can i find out what happened, at least as far as the game history that i can access.


If you submitted a ticket about it CCP will get to it eventually. Just move on and forget about it, I’d say. With all the recent DDoS-related tickets CCP has flooding their support que, it will probably be a very long time before yours is dealt with.

  1. yes, in character sheet > interactions > combat log > losses and in notifications queue
  2. yes
  3. yes

Change your password.
Double check you are looking at the right character.
Search your assets for the ship in question.
Submit a ticket unless you’ve identified what happened by then.

Thanks for the info!

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