Share your connection loss while undocked in space reactions!

From time to time we all at one point or another find ourselves undocked and when we least expect it, our connection to the game client cuts out.

Some of the reactions would be priceless I could only imagine and wanted to ask what are you reactions when or if something like that happens.

Here is mine

Please excuse my swearing, I was mighty shocked when this happened and surprised to find out where I ended up once relog.

How would you react? Cool Calm or Rage?

/tlds in no way I am mocking the integrity of the game servers. (Just interested to know about reactions)



Were you already in combat though or was that due to someone scanning it down cause of were it happened in high sec?

Oh wait I checked the killmail npc only. now here is the thing. The other day I had an understanding that when the connection is lost the modules will continue to function then after a short period of time the ship would warp off then after another set time the players ship would be removed from space. But the npcs would be removed or stop attacking. I could be way off and incorrect with that thinking.

Anyhow sorry for that loss vs npcs and all
/end edit.
My guess is fist in the air half rage but not too much?

Like we all seen the break keyboard rage before.

Happened randomly to a very easy Anom right after DT. I did send Eve a Ticket and explained what happened and that I had lost all control of my ship and modules. I was so devastated because it just felt so stupid losing my ship like that, I dont mind losing ships, but in that situation because I had no control over it I was gutted. Thankfully I was refunded my ship after they investigated what happened and turned out I was eligible for compensation, I don’t know maybe a glitch or something weird happened that they could see from there end.

But yer, got a refund and I was happy with the outcome and how they dealt with it.

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So in a way it would be considered a good thing to obs record it then?

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ive been kicked off and warp scrammed in place with a whole mission shooting my ship, ive also had a paladin as soon as i hit bastion lose connection in a full spawn in The Blockade sansha flavor and the ship sat there being pounded for 7 hours


Yes, but I know they can see from there side exactly how it happened so , if it is legit, it is worth having the conversation with them from my experience.

That’s good to know there is that option if something happens in the future.

Question though how do you react at the precise moment when something like a loss connection happens, Like no dummy spits? Stamp feet? Bite finger nails waiting to log in?

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I’ve lost two multi billion isk hulls to connection loss whilst in abyssal space. CCP refused reimbursements on both. In my 9 years playing I had not once requested one. Thats life i guess. I think they have some policy on not refunding abyssal ship losses. One of the losses I actually got back on and died clicking jump on the last gate. the clock said i had time but I died for some reason.

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hmm I noticed the timer doesn’t stop until through the tunnel on abyssal space runs too when can be alarming.

In a way I sort preparing myself for lager value losses and I say it is a good thing that I don’t rage too much.

I just have this vision of where everyone rages and somehow eve players don’t rage like I thought.

That rattler is not very tanky. It does pve by killing stuff faster than it can be killed. Known as dps tanking.

When you get a dc; drones are pulled, dps stops, and you try to warp off. Unfortunately i was scrammed and in a room which has roughly 1300dps at full power. Also, mission rats don’t de-spawn in the case of the owner dc-ing. They’ll be there till downtime or the mission is finished/cancelled.

I knew it was toast as soon as the dc happened. The funny thing about that particular dc though is that many other players experienced it too. I checked eve-offline and there was a sudden drop of just under a thousand players. And when i got back online others in local were talking about the dc. It was a weird one.

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This thread explains what happens when you get disconnected.

yes I see that, though was more interested in the reactions like shock horror or meh, no rages, I thought pilots would react differently.

Yeah, I understand.

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