Lost connection during traveling is dangerous?

last day, I was on Agent mission, in which I’ve been assigned to escort some data thing to 9 jumps far star system, and I lost connection halfway between for about 5 min. fortunately, NOTHING IS LOST, I just started the game and my ship was coming out of warp.

however, my question is obviously if that’s dangerous? what should I do in that situation other than biting nails? and what exactly happened if that player is NOT engaged in any fights with anyone, I mean my ship become invisible or drift bravely?

The server will notice typically about 1 minute after your last action that you are gone. Your ship will them attempt to warp 100000km in a random direction. If your ship is stuck one something or is tackled by NPCs or players it will stay put. There is a 5 minute timer after NPC engagements and 15 minutes for players where your ship will stay in place. If it did manage to warp it will stay there. A player can find you given the right kit. When you log back in you will appear at the same spot and be forced to warp back to the point where the server noticed you lost connection.

If you are shot at by NPCs you better have a stable tank. If you are shot at by players you need luck. If you lose connection once or twice a day it’s the server. More often means somewhere on the path to London data goes lost.

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