Tranquility server down

i need infoe what happens when ship is not in base when server goes down

I assume given the timing that you are referring to Downtime, the daily server maintenance period.

You will have seen a notification in game and for the last five minutes a pop-up on screen.

In principle, the first act of downtime is to disconnect all the clients triggering “emergency warp” of ships in space - this is a warp of about 1,000,000km in a random direction. This may not happen if you were warp scrambled or disrupted at the time.
When you reconnect, assuming that your ship has not been destroyed while you were off-line, then as soon as you reconnect to the pod you’re ship warps back to where it was when the disconnect happened. At Downtime Missions are reset - so you may find your damaged ship warping back into a world of pain.

The advice is “dock up safely before downtime” or if that’s not possible “make sure your ship is safe”.
If you were in Abyssal Space - you’re dead. Don’t start an Abyssal run too close to downtime

If you were AFK and so didn’t notice the notification or the on screen countdown then don’t be surprised if you receive no sympathy whatsoever from people here. I’m nice, but even I’m not that nice.

If the “server going down” is the result of a server failure, or a network issue at CCP’s end, then the state may be somewhat “uncertain”. Reconnect and you may be fine, or you may be a slowly expanding patch of elemental pollution. If it was a fault on CCPs side (and that doesn’t include planned and warned downtime) they may, at their discretion, replace your ship - raise a polite support ticket.


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