When is Downtime?

This might seem something stupid to ask, but is there a way to determine when downtime will be?

Each solar system has its own downtime and almost all of them take place later then adverticed. From my experience so far, 5~10 secs after the adverticed downtime would be “usual”, but i just got wrecked 11:00:21 server time (according to the kill information export), i.e. 21 seconds after the adverticed downtime.

I know that when the server starts, some services start at a delay, most notoriously the contract system is often not available for minutes after the game server’s back up. Is this also the case at downtime, i.e. some functionality no longer being available while you’re still connected? And if it is, is there an order in which server subsystems go down, or is it just random?

If you got kicked by game and then lost ship. Simply put up petition. There is nothing we can do, other than enjoy your complains.

What I don’t get is: you where online and killed or offline? If offline, you went offline in space by yourself? Using safe log off or not?

Downtime always starts at 11 a.m. server time. And it is well advertized ingame, even with countdown and all that.
I don’t see what the issue here is.


I was online at that time, next to a station where i couldn’t dock up due to the capsuleer combat timer.

Started de-aggressing when the server downtime warning showed 45-ish seconds left. When the aggression timer was gone, I reconsidered and decided not to attempt docking, but wanted to await the downtime, which at that point had already been 15 seconds due, to finally disconnect me instead. A docking attempt turns off the active tank modules but only removes the ship from space several seconds later (I’ve been wrecked before dozens of times with a “session change already in progress”), and my ship was already in hull, which is why I didn’t want to attempt the docking progress that would have left me w/o tank for 5~10 seconds.

I received the “disconnected from server” while still in space with all tank modules cycling and all of them where high in health, so a overheat failure in the last tick (which doesn’t get back to the client) shouldn’t have occured. After relog, I was in a pod

The downtime countdown indicates when the game starts shutting down (something), you will still be in the game for at least 5 seconds and able to dock, jump, whatever, in all systems I am aware of.

Actually, if you’re in a corporation and in one of the solar systems that get shut down later on during the shutdown progress, you can watch the corp chat emptying out as people start getting kicked.

What I am saying was, that there is plenty of time to know the game will shut down and hence to dock and be safe.
Therefore you will not get your ship back/replaced, since you ignored all the multiple warnings; is what I am saying.

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The server downtime taking you out of space independent of logoff timers or warpout incapabilities is documented behavior of EVE though, in fact there’s quite a few pvp and hauling strategies that rely on this behavior.

Then you should have logged off savely in space and not waited for the game to disconnect you. That is precisely why we all get the warnings that the server is about to shut down. I don’t have to explain the difference between savely logging off in space and getting disconnected due to downtime. You got warned plenty of times, but you still risked it. So that’s that.
Why do I even have to explain the obvious :sweat_smile:

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Safelogging, assuming that it’s even possible, is hardly a reliable way to get safe, unless the mechanics were changed without me taking notice… though it was only earlier this week that a fleet I was in managed to successfully combat probe, warp-to, and scram a freighter that had safelogged, probably minutes, before we even had entered the system

Assuming it took us 3 minutes to wreck the freighter, he would have been safe if we had initiated the attack at 10:58, as downtime would have removed his freighter from space and only put it back there when he logged in again… unless, of cause, downtime in that solar system occured at a delay of minute or more, in which case we would have killed him at 11:01

Is a delay of a minute even “possible”? In highsec, you usually get disconnected within 5~10 seconds after the countdown is over… i.e. within a session change interval. In null it sometimes takes more then 10, but very rarely more then 15. If it can lag by more then 20 seconds, can it lag for 60? Or 120? The longer that interval is, the more abusable it becomes, because you can get killed at that time (including getting killed while docked at a station that is being attacked) without the ability to login your alts or friends to safe you, as the server doesn’t allow logins after 11:00:00 precisely.


11am server time is 5am for my local time. I used to work in the trades and we would start STUPID early everyday, so sometimes I would have to login for my quick Eve chores and I’d have to factor that server shutdown time into that.

Good times

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Thank you very much Uriel! :hugs:


Still leaves the question on whether there’s a way to determine when system downtime will occur. Maybe
comparing differences between the bookmark creation times and “server time” as provided by the downtime countdown works, i’ll try that on the next downtime.

No it doesn’t.

"The safe logoff system allows players to safely logoff whilst in space. When activated, a timer will appear which shows how long until the player is logged out. When the timer runs out the players ship is immediately removed from space, and the player is informed that they successfully logged out.

The safe logoff also offers a button allowing players to abort, which may be useful to react on some hostile entities appearing in the area or similar changes in the situation.

A safe logoff can not be initiated while any of the following events are happening:

  • Modules on the ship are active or become active
  • The pilot is ejecting from the ship
  • The pilot has, or gains, aggression from players or NPCs
  • The ship is exploding or self-destructing
  • Movement commands have been issued and are active
  • Any objects are launched or jettisoned
  • A fleet is joined
  • Drones are deployed or reconnecting to abandoned drones
  • Target locks are active (both being locked and having a lock on someone else)
  • Warp Commands are issued or ongoing
  • The ship is cloaked in any capacity, including gate cloaks.

If any of these events happen while the countdown for the safe log off is running, the safe log off will abort immediately and the ship will not be removed from space. Disconnecting or closing the client before the safe logoff timer runs out will also cancel the safe logoff and perform the normal log off procedures, which means it will take longer for the ship to be removed from space."

Okay, I think a lot of this discussion is irrelevant to the issue at hand. You died after the servers shut down. Which, to my understanding, shouldn’t happen. Now, I don’t know how things actually work, I’m just speculating here, but there is the possibility that when the servers shut down, the effect of your skills was removed from the ship. And since you were already in hull, it’s possible that the loss of the bonus hull HP from skills resulted in your ship suddenly having negative HP.

I would petition.

Also, it would be really cool if we could get an answer on what’s really going on here. But, I’m not sure who to at.

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