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Hi, this might be really stupid, but whatever. So, I just saw Zelus’s post about extended downtime, but I don’t really understand what that means, there have been many times where I have been playing and get a message about downtime, but I just kept playing and as far as I could tell nothing happened, is that normal?

Idk if that makes sense.

Thanks for reading

I would say fly safe, but some people fly dangerous, and if I said fly dangerous, the people that fly safe would be left out(in a way) so I will just say: “fly however you want to fly o7”

Every day from 11:00 Eve Time (equal to UTC) the server reboots, and you will get kicked out. You can log in again after 5-15 minutes.

Then why have I played through it multiple times? I am pretty sure I have because I had been on a few hours before getting the downtime message, and then when I (eventually) logged out, it was a few hours after getting the downtime message

I would be very surprised if you actually have.


I am pretty sure I have

Eve time is the same as UTC right?

Each day, all EVE server clusters go offline from 11:00 to (nominally) 11:15 (UTC and EVE Server Time) for routine maintenance.

This is usually called “daily downtime”, and while maintenance or unplanned failures can occur at any time, an unqualified reference to “downtime” generally refers to this daily period.

You will receive in-game notifications that downtime is about to begin.


Are you willing to make a friendly wager? I‘m willing to bet however much ISK you have that you have not played while the servers are offline during downtime.


Daylight savings shifts the start of downtime back and forward for some people so maybe thats why it seems like you were able to play through it one time? But also there have been occasions where it was skipped afaik. But rare

Not skipped, but theres been 2 tests to get rid of downtime


Or not skipped per se. the reboot just came earlier.

I had a few times back in the day the reboot came hours earlier in the Japan time zone afternoon. So when it came to be 2000 (the usual reboot time for my TZ)…game kept on trucking since reboot done.

Kind of nice they do " well we rebooted already so its done, jsut early". Also kind of nice since it answered the question of was my “friend” in local an afk cloaky (this was before they put a timer on it).

They were. they didn’t come back on for hours. and there they were at 2015. their owner woke em up on the regular reboot time lol. I then liked that afk cloaky. It was like a scarecrow keeping people out of my system lol.

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