[Resolved] 202040704 - Unscheduled Extended Downtime

We’re experiencing an unexpected extended downtime.

We will update this thread and status.eveonline.com with details as they become available.

Update 11:46 UTC - We’re continuing to investigate the issues players are encountering when logging into Tranquility. We will let you know once we have more details.

Update 12:11 UTC - We’ve identified a bottleneck which is causing a queue of requests on the server, which is affecting various services including logging in. The size of the queue is dropping as the server works through the requests. Current plan is to wait for the server to chew through the queue and then evaluate. We estimate that it will take around 10 more minutes to get through the queue.

Update 12:21 UTC - The queue has finished processing. We are restarting the server and will bring it up in VIP mode so that only developers can log in and run some checks.

Update 12:26 UTC - Tranquility server is now open for players. We will continue to monitor to ensure that the issue is resolved.

Update 12:31 UTC - Tranquility is accessible to players however we are still seeing some issues related to purchases and PLEX. We will continue to investigate and keep you informed.

Update 12:56 - Payments issues are now resolved and everything is running smoothly. Marking this issue as resolved. Thanks to everyone for their patience.


OMG, dont force me to go outside. please!


Had issues logging in before, when I clicked the character on the character selection screen then nothing happened

It says the client is active but its just a black screen.

let me in… I have coffee, cake, soda… all I need is EVE…please let me in… I can’t go outside and deal with this horrible sunny weather and fresh air there…

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Black screen here too, on all accounts.

I was unable to make it back to dock at a station before the timer ran out for the cluster to close down for maintenance. Now my ship it’s floating through Low-Sec, will my ship still be there when I get to log back on? I’m a new player.

Yes it will.

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Now is your chance CCP!
You can cure thousands of addicts!
Today the cold turkey break from EVE can begin! :smiling_imp:

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noooo :frowning:

I have logged off inside wormholes. Your ship will warp in when you log back into the game. It will return to the same position as you left it.

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I get enough of that while I am at work.

Extended Downtime on the 4th of July. I guess it means, time to go shopping. Got to get those last minute items. I forget the reason we celebrate the 4th of July, I think it was something about us winning a war and kicking some other country’s butt back into the stone-age. We often do that sort of thing. All I know, it is another holiday to drink, party, and blow things up with fireworks!

Have a great day!

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Even name of topic with mistake…


You will be fine. When I’m out roaming, that’s how I log off.

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I swear I didn’t touch anything.

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I’m disappointed. Usually when DT gets held up for some reason the comments are much more salty…

Why are there 158 players ingame when this is a downtime?

Those are the logins trying to figure out why we can’t log in.

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Definitely not. I have corp members online. Granted, they can’t do much as everything is broken, but they are most definitely not CCP employees.