[COMPLETED] Extended Downtime Notification - 2020/07/13


The daily downtime will be extended on Monday, 13 July as we are performing routine updates to some of our backend services. This will take up to 35 minutes and we are expecting Tranquility to be back accepting connections by 11:35 UTC at the latest.

Updates will be posted in this thread and via EVE_Status Twitter.



The update is complete, and Tranquility is back online accepting connections. Have a good out there, pilots!

The updates to the backend service are still ongoing. There are no issues to report, so we are looking good so far.

The extended downtime has stared. I will keep you posted on the progress as updates become available.

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What did you break this time?
Are you actually give us players an upgrade?


Hello ! Tell me how to dress this boat Skubreaker

When we getting those PLEX4GOOD maskssssss? Asking for a friend.

Thanks for the notice in advance, I don’t think it will affect me but it’s good to know.

ccp finaly will add the rolebonus who need the edecomships?

Grrrr…thirty-five minutes…I may have to join a nunnery.

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No matter what I do the system crashes under the guidelines of the login and then forces to lose an Orca or an Abaddon in an agent mission or mining, an Update would have been nice if CCP would know I can not fix the reason it crashes, some facts tell me the server is broken and real currency is spent to support this space affiliated MMO,

Независимо от того, что я делаю системы аварий в соответствии с руководящими принципами входа, а затем силы, чтобы потерять Orca или Abaddon в агент миссии или добычи, обновление было бы хорошо, если КПК будет знать, что я не могу исправить причину он падает, некоторые факты говорят мне, что сервер сломан и реальная валюта тратится на поддержку этого пространства связанных MMO ,

Δεν έχει σημασία τι κάνω το σύστημα συντρίβει σύμφωνα με τις κατευθυντήριες γραμμές της σύνδεσης και στη συνέχεια δυνάμεις να χάσουν ένα Orca ή Abaddon σε μια αποστολή πράκτορα ή εξόρυξης, μια ενημερωμένη έκδοση θα ήταν ωραίο αν CCP θα ήξερα ότι δεν μπορώ να καθορίσει το λόγο που συντρίβει, μερικά γεγονότα μου λένε ότι ο διακομιστής είναι σπασμένα και πραγματικό νόμισμα δαπανάται για την υποστήριξη αυτού του χώρου που συνδέονται MMO ,

You tell ‘em, Hoss.

@CCP_Dopamine Small point of criticism: seems the team has forgotten to put this notification on the launcher :wink:

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They could fix the part where you kill the NPCs leave the bases and ships destroyed, if you could save or rescue abandoned bases and ships like the one that finds them at the end of the mission, loot what is inside.
I greet you attentively.

really getting sick of these extended DT’s in the middle of my prime playing time…

Change the game.

Good day, everyone,

The extended downtime has stared. I will keep you posted on the progress as updates become available.


move down time to 1500 \o/

Then don’t plan your ‘prime playing time’ around the daily DT (which is always at the same time) :man_shrugging:t2:


edecom rolebonus when friend?

Why are you so positive and hateless?