Issues with Career Agents

I rolled up a new player in order to learn about the issues new players are facing. While doing the Career Agent missions for Business and Industry I came across the following issues. I will update the post after I do the other Career Agent trees again, but currently am extremely ill (thanks Vegas!) so will be a bit on that.

Business Career Path 3/10, you have to get 333 units of Tritanium via mining in a Venture they gave you the mission before. In order to complete it, you have to mine it, return to base, refine it, then put the Trit back into your hold, all while the mission hint on the left is telling you to go back and mine. Could be very confusing for new folks.

Industry Career Path 4/10, you are tasked with mining to get 7k units of Tritanium. This Tritanium must fit into your cargo hold (according to warning that pops up), however, the Mining Frigate cannot hold that much in its cargo hold, you must mine the ore, refine it, then reship to something that can hold the material in order to turn it in. The mission hint also is constantly telling you to go back and mine like the Business one. However, when I went to the station, it allowed me to use the Tritanium in my hangar instead of in my cargo hold. So there is definitely some ambiguity there.

Industry Career Path 8/10 Another warning that it will not fit in your hold, as you are tasked with making a Shuttle. The mission hint even states to get the shuttle into your cargo hold, when just having in your ship hangar is all that is required. The mission text also talks about this one being more complicated, however, less material is used than for the previous Cap Boosters the player is tasked to manufacture, and takes half the time to complete.

Industry Career Path 10/10 Again, warning that it will not fit in hold, even though it is pulling from ship hangar.

There is not any real difference to be honest between the Business Career Path and the Industry Career Path other than a different order in the missions, a bit of refinement and they could probably be combined into one tree.

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