Agent Mission Changed?

I was doing missions for the career agent Jieken Jenpen. It started off normal. The first one was to deliver a package. Then I got to do some salvaging. I got a Venture ship. Then oddly, even though he was not he industry agent, he told me to mine and get 333 units of Tritanium, which I found odd because this was the business ageent not the industry agent. I did the mission and it looked like my next mission he was going to shoe me something useful to do with the Tritanium. I was like cool, the rewards of that one seem pretty good but I got to take a break. When I came back to login again, the mission Balaencing the Books 5 out of 10 appeared to change from doing something with the Tritanium to delivering a data chip. While this is more logical, I wonder what happened to the other mission, because that looked more interesting and now it seems to be gone.

The Business career agent missions teach you about hauling, salvaging, mining, hacking, and manufacturing. In total these missions pay about 1.1M ISK in rewards.

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Have a look at all career missions:
You’ve just described mission 3, and at the end mission 5. Looks like you’ve already finished the missions 3 and 4 - or someone else accessing to your accout/desktop, e.g. girlfriend…

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