Ships for mission reward?

I wonder if there is a list about mission rewards. With my Minmatar char I made some missions and received a industrial as reward. It must bei similar with missions for the Caldari but which missions ? I think it was transport missions but Iā€™m not sure.

That reminds me of career (beginner, tutorial) missions not regular courier (transport) missions

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Yes those are career/tutorial agents, as @Felicitas_Minbar said.

Each faction has 3 sets of career agents. You can find them in the Agency ā†’ Agents & Missions ā†’ Career Agents.

You can also find some more info about the career agents, their locations, and their rewards by using the Eve Uni Wiki

(PS - I think the industrial ship is given as a reward for the mission called " Making Mountains of Molehills 10" from the Industrialist Producer career agent.)

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