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So I’ve been doing a lot of L4 missions lately and have racked up 60k LP points. I want to exchange some of those points for some faction ammo, namely the Imperial Navy Multifrequency L. It requires 3750 LP and 10x Multifrequency L crystals. I bought the large crystals and have moved the crystals to my item hangar/ship hangar and it makes no difference…the store still “reds out” the required materials for the crystals. And of course I tried the exhcange while docked at the correct corporation (Ministry of War). Am I missing something? Rookie chat was 0 help. How do I input the ammo for exchange? Searches didn’t pull up anything relevant either.

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The exchange dialog is bugged. Sometimes I have to restart client to get desired item green. Just make sure your non-faction material is repacked and is in the item hangar of the proper station. If it will not work after several attempts - make a petition.

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That sounds right.

is the Ammo is your item hangar?
is it the right size?

If the above is met can you post a screenshot of your item hangar and the LP store?

On my alt it looks to have worked immediately.


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Rookie Channel for Lvl4 Missions? Well…

My main mistake was that unpackaged items (i.e. formerly fitted modules or drones) have to be repackaged before trading and put into the item hangar.

But CCP had some server trouble the last days, so maybe it’s just a bug.


Make sure your items are in your item hangar, and not your ship hangar.

Make sure they are repackaged.

Make sure there are no other requirements for that ammo.

Make sure that you have the right ammo.

Then open up the LP store and purchase. It should work.

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