Loyalty Store Changes (Empire space agents)

As some of you already know , different items were removed from the loyalty store of various NPC corporations in empire space. I have tried to find some information about this in the past and recent change logs of updates and patches, which was unfruitful.

If you are wondering what’s the situation with this :

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You want the change in LP offers from the last month ?

I can see what items were removed or are currently unavailable (from the reply I got from the GM I can’t tell if it is intended or not) just by comparing the old database for LP stores, nor could I find any official notes on this from CCP, which also according to the GM there isn’t any.
Normally if this was intended, there should have been some notes about it in the patch/updates notes , but since they can’t confirm if this is or not intended … all I can tell is that they are aware of this.


ok so you don’t want the list, but the patch note listing, or at the very least saying there was such a removal ?

We would like to know why these items were removed from every LP store, and also why that particular detail was excluded from the patch notes. We all knew the faction ship changes were coming to the LP store, but absolutely nothing was said about items being removed from EVERY LP store.

That change has rendered many players LP all but worthless.


^^^ This .

If the changes were intended , they could at least made it official and include those in the patch/update notes . If it was intended , then way they proceeded with it was not so proffessional.
Now… at least from the answer that I got from the GM , they can’t even confirm if it was intended or not . It’s all hazy …


For example, if you had millions of LP with Kaalakiota before the update, it’s now worthless. Before the update you could buy anything you wanted from the Kaalakiota LP store. Now, after the update, there are only two modules. That LP store doesn’t even so much as have faction ammo now.

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Is there such list officially coming from CCP ?

I’m sure it was intended, and the reason they didn’t give a heads-up or put it in the patch notes is they knew it would not be a popular change. Make no mistake. This is CCP we are talking about here. The change was intentional, and it was left out of the patch notes on purpose.

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I saw a thread a week or so back that mentioned the Kaalakiota LP store no longer having faction ammo, so that change may not be a recent one.

It’s not just faction ammo, and it’s not just Kaalakiota.

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Right, just saying this may not be a new issue, just one that we’re only really noticing now.

Since the GMs don’t know what’s going on, I’m going to lead towards the “we’re just now noticing this issue” side rather than an intentional change by the Devs.

So calm down, miner, and let them deal with it. :innocent:

I would rather like to belive that this was something unexpected even for them . It’s not common for them to make such drastic changes and not announce them in the updates/patch notes. For some corporations more that half of the LP store items are gone. Usually they would even announce said changes before going live with them on TQ.
Granted there have been a few surprises in the past from CCP here and there, but not something as big as this and most were adressed afterwards.

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Such as Povchen?

Pesonally I am satisfied with the outcome of what Pochven is today . There were numerous hints and warnings provided by CCP, they even sent e-mails about what was about to happen… if you are referring to players that got their assets stuck in said moved highsec systems.
In the end , if the players really cared about those systems there was an in game option for them to stop that , but since they haven’t I guess they didn’t cared too much about it.

There was no loss there in my opinion, given how many almost empty 24/7 highsec and lowsec systems are in the game . The benefits that Pochven provide today (being a New Eden highway, pvp content and so much more) far outweight any loss , if there even was one.

What was indeed concerning were the bugged sites that they had there for a time, where you could just have gotten paid while being in a capsule on grid with a fleet that was running those sites.

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CCP sending mails does not prevent them from losing assets.
What makes it not a problem IMO is the ease to move those assets.
The sole issue remaining, the absence of asset safety. But when you have assets in space, you are supposed to connect frequently - unless it’s your coporation’s, in which case you may be on a break and not aware of a change in the asset safety rules of your system.

CCP is not at fault there . It’s just like irl , you know what happens if you fail to pay a bill after receiving a warning about it.

How often these events happen anyway ? Since there’s Eve , it only happend with Pochven and with the transition of nullsec outposts to faction fortizars. That’s 2 times since 2003.

Its not real life.
If it was, people would not play it.

They exactly, precisely, definitely, are.

Any amount of time is already too much.
CCP making asset safety to keep people having assets in outposts being “safe” and then reverting said safety is a breach of contract. It is not acceptable.
Its perfectly fine that there is no safety in WS, since there was never one.
It is not that somewhere was said “safe” by CCP and then became non safe. CCP should have made that rule only apply to newly deployed structures, and/or triggered a free asset safety (with no cooldown and no price) on ALL assets that lost that safety.

But this has nothing to do with the topic, of CCP removing lp offers without an announcement, which I agree is bad practice.


It’s no “breach of contract” . We all signed up for this the moment we pressed the accept button of ToS / EULA . They even reserve the right to terminate you account(s) should they feel there is reason enought in their mind to do so. If they revert/change a mechanic , send you a notification about it and you find that unacceptable , then just terminate the EULA from your part.
Nothing is perfect, ethernal and non-dynamic . Name one MMO for me that has been around since EVE, is perfect and had no problems…

On the other hand , making unannounced changes (if this was their intention , we cannot know for sure in this situation regarding the LP store, it’s just speculation at this moment) is indeed bad practice, like you also said.

You don’t have to agree with me on this , but it’s the way I see it. For now the best we can do is to wait .

Yet you would consider it a treason if they did.
The same way you would consider it a treason if they deleted your assets.
And that’s what happened.

You play that game because they do their best to keep your assets safe. this includes reimbursement on server bug. There is no EULA in that, it’s a matter of trust. EULA is just for legal issues - and even then it is wrong, as in some countries you actually own the assets that you pay for (which is why they added a plex hold to the character)

Having issues in the game is not a reason to accept CCP fault.
The removal of safety is a plain error, a breach of contract, way worse than forgetting to mention the removal of offers from LP stores .

Pochven in itself was not bad. It’s the acceptance of CCP to come back on their promise which is the issue. They literally claimed that items in structures were safe just like they were safe in outposts. This is the claim that made people accept to use structures to store assets.
Again, I don’t mind Pochven - actually as you said it’s very good when you know how to use it - it’s just the moving of systems which was bad.

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