Pochven LP Store Broken

Hello, I am writing with general feedback and hope that CCP will provide a resolution for some items that have existed for years.

[#1} I have taken it as a personal goal to grind for standings in Triglavian space. One goal I had was to achieve earning the “Men’s Bioadaptive Kybernaut Combat Suit.” This item is clearly listed in the LP store in any Triglavian station. That said, it is impossible to earn or buy. Why? Two of the items necessary to trade for this item, have not been seeded in game. There are numerous Forum posts on this topic as well. I would be willing to pay in Plex for these items but there is nothing I can do at all. I could accept if these were rare gift items…but if that is the case, why are they in the LP store? Their listing is simply disingenuous and a bit of a cheat. For example, “Protective Equipment Patterns” and “Cultural Semiosis Data” do not exist.
[#2]: Consistent with my grievance in item 1, I also live in Derelik with other toons that I have. In the Ammatar Faction LP stores…it is impossible to buy/make an Ammatar Navy Power Diagnostic Unit. Why? This item is a variable unit on the description of any Power Diagnostic system. Please add it as a blueprint in the LP Store for any Ammatar Faction or delete it from the game. It seems silly to have items that cannot be obtained in any way.

Once again, I remain understanding and reasonable to limited edition items and making those as special things. My main issue is that if they are limited edition items, dont dangle them in the LP store for something players can strive to attain only to be disappointed when necessary components are not seeded, able to be earned, or achievable in any way. Furthermore, I also stand by my statement that I would be willing to pay real money to get the necessary items. These pure cosmetic items should be more available. To further expand on this idea, I enjoy having my toons fly with EOM skins. There is nothing special about EOM skins but short of hording piles of skins when they are actually available, they are not readily available. I think all (or most skins- obviously removing limited edition items for special events) skins and cosmetic items should be available. For example, I have had between 9-11 accounts with multiple alts on each account. Sometimes I sell them or sometimes I have yearlong skill plans where they wont be ready for 2 years later. Why not let players get excited for their avatars? This does not impact play in any way. If you want new players to be in the game, maybe consider stopping stupid actions like this; fraudulent items in the LP stores that are unachievable and letting people be able to look the way their characters look. If you want these cosmetic items to be expensive as an isk sink, by all means go for it. If you want a vibrant market around these items, no problem but when there are empty buy/sell orders…what is the point of this all?

I have grinded multiple toons to 7.0 standing with Triglavians. I am requesting some opportunity to get this item. When I started the grind, I was hopeful that the missing items may be seeded in a later event. Here we are months/years later…I have lost hope. This message is all I have left to do.

If I can purchase these items, I would be willing to do so. If you tell me I need 10.0 standing on my Pochven toon… as much as this will be terrible to grind for the final 3.0, I would do it. If the items are seeded and prices adjusted to make them offensively expensive, so be it (this would affect the entire player base but at least give us all something to work towards).

Eve can be a boring game. It is made less boring when people have goals or challenges. I am not asking for new content to be added to the game (at least not in this request). I am only asking that existing content be fixed.


Yeah i don’t think they are planned to be seeded, the clothing is basically exclusive to winning arenas or by having been on the trig side during the invasion

Which would be fine but then why put them in the LP Store? Furthermore, the rarity of some clothing is fairly stupid…so I can have a keepstar built but I am unable to find the resources to fashion a coat, shirt, or suit? A T-Shirt in Jita is more valuable than a complete spaceship? Once again, if these items were properly seeded and priced by NPCs, they would be an effective isk sink. Instead they are rare items horded by players who may or may not still be active. I think it is a waste and per my post, it is disingenuous to put this as a game achievement but then it is not (assuming it is an exclusive item from an event).

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Because they were probably planned to initially, but now its just not worth removing them incase they change their minds

They probably put them in so that if someone got one of the items but didn’t want the suit they could trade it for the price of a keepstar…

Well, I stand by my position outlined earlier. For example, perhaps one could do as you state and pay the price of a keepstar for a uniform/jacket/etc. Maybe that person even buys plex to do so. Imagine a world though where all (or most) items are available on NPC buy orders. Whether it be new players or old, everyone can maybe pay that 5, 10, or 20 dollars (or whatever currency) and help their avatar look the way they want…or their ships the color they want. This would be a far more vibrant system that still permits the existence of special, limited edition, rare, etc items. Furthermore, if someone kills a “Gold Magnate”…that is a big deal. No matter how many people you kill…you never get the clothes. Just as with skins. I am not suggesting they drop but I am clarifying that the magic of crazy expensive items has a place in eve; they are both memorable and worthy of news. How one’s avatar looks is a bit different. Lastly, there is no reason for the Ammatar Diagnostic to be missing in game. So, regardless of agreement or disagreement about every other thing I have commented…the missing module should be fixed. It is not a OP or particularly special item. The broken LP stores (across the board) are representative of the lack of attention, care, and iteration on missions and LP stores in general- granted this then takes this post down a whole different path and deserving of it’s own forum post.

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And much like the limited edition ships they aren’t making any more of those either, at this point the clothes are the same sort of deal, one offs that are meant to be rare

Eh its not really that big of a deal, its the same as the true sansha, shadow serpentis and dark blood PDS so it has equivalents that already exist ingame

I think you are misunderstanding, its not about buying it from CCP its about trading between players. The incredible scarcity is intentional, if they were not scarce they would not command the price. If they make prizes for tournaments available on their rmt store then it ruins the value of the prize, no one would trade for it more than it would cost on the store.

I clearly referenced the “gold magnate” as the opportunity for some items to be rare. I am not suggesting everything be purchasable but I do not sense that there is any sort of plan. Furthermore, if items are scarce…then they can be hoarded. Hoarding cosmetic items is not good for the game, in my opinion. If the value increased, fair enough, but when players go inactive…then items are lost forever. Combine with hoarding and my opinion is this is not good for the game. 1) you cant buy plex and pay that scarce price if the person is not playing or it is hidden in someone’s inventory, 2) scarcity may be great for the seller but it is not good for the playerbase, 3) please remember that I am talking about clothes and skins…not modules, ships, or other in-game items, 4) i am not sure how scarcity necessarily helps as an isk sink (I can weave together a narrative where it may make sense but I dont know how real it is); rather than contrived methods of alerting spawn rates of asteroids (materials in general), we have an opportunity to have a very clear isk sink present in the game (just like skillbooks). NPCs produce some tradable items…NPCs generate skillsbooks (and scarcity complements this through LP stores- such as specialization skills or BPCs for certain items). This is what I am talking about. You can have items that are scarce, you can have items that are less scarce (achievable), and you can have common items seeded in game.

I will once again also reference that my grievance about the Ammatar Diagnostic. Not a special item. Exists in the market but it is impossible to create because the LP store is poorly executed in a few select ways, hence my entire post.

Lastly, a “gold magnate” can be killed. Maybe the owners are offline and maybe they will come back. CCP can decide when to seed more of something but putting items on the market that cannot exist is stupid. Nobody can shoot clothes. They do not generate a killmail. So, fundamentally, cosmetics are different than spaceships. Putting items in LP stores that can never be accessed is stupid. If an item is truly scarce and rare, dont put it in the LP store or seed the items to achieve it before putting it in the LP store.

I think it would be nice to know what items are truly limited and which are not…rather than guessing. I know they started putting the new icon on some limited edition items which is a good first step. That said, and once again referencing my post topic, why would a truly limited edition item be listed in an LP store when it cannot be purchased only because components of the transaction have not been seeded in game. I accept that a Silvershore Greatcoat is rare and may be a highly unique avatar for it’s owner. Good for them. A Silvershore Greatcoat is not listed in an LP store though.

While I accept the rarity of a Silvershore Greatcoat, I think some items should be readily available. For example, the face masks used to be a part of the Minmatar character creation. Amarr have their hoods…Minmatar lost their masks…Gallente used to have the head shield things but those became an in-game items and are increasingly rare (Aerofirm things). It would be nice to see some level of return o the old ways to add cosmetics that are culturally appropriate to race creation OR have some way to buy them from NPC markets (such as in LP stores).

Maybe worthy of a post itself, does any character actually have the Women’s Aeriform Black headgear or was this another dead item added to the game that never saw the light of day? I would welcome any input from any player or CCP.

Again I think you are missing the point.

You are specifically talking about an Item awarded as a prize for a tournament. Adding any other source for obtaining that item cheapens that prize. That prize is for the person who won it to dispose of as they see fit. If they want to wear it on their avatar to show off and make others jealous they can, if they want to sell it to someone wiling to pay an exorbitant amount of isk to show off their one of a kind item they can. If they decide to sit on it or trash it they can too. That is the point of making a one of a kind reward, one of a kind.

This has nothing really to do with the economy as a whole, it is not an isk sink or faucet it is a potential trade between players which would probably be done by contract rather than paying the tax for selling on open market. The purpose of such items are to create unique prizes for unique accomplishments.

As for the purpose of creating other limited edition merch, it is a similar concept. If you release something as “limited edition” and people pay a price for that scarcity, then decide to make it not limited by creating more to sell you have effectively defrauded everyone that bought something on the understanding that it would be limited and therefore retain value.

Appreciate the dialogue on the topic but I think it is you that is missing the point.

Who said anything about altering a tournament prize? I explicitly stated that such items are fine to exist. I also explicitly stated that tournament prizes are up to CCP to determine when/if such items are released again.

I explicitly referenced the Silvershore Greatcoat as an example. Yes, I agree…a person can trash it or show it off. I explicitly refenced the Golden Magnate. Yes, I agree…a person can trash it or show it off. I have no idea what this has to do with non-rare items. That said, nobody has any idea what a non-rare items is (particularly for cosmetic items that lack the ‘limited edition’ designation). The entire point of my post is that an item is listed in the LP Store which, in my mind, signals an item is NOT an exclusive, rare, etc. item. It should either not be listed or the items necessary to purchase it should be seeded.

If I am wrong in my assumption or understanding, I can also accept this. It does not change that fact that I can provide feedback that this may be stupid or not helpful to players trying to find meaningful activities in a sandbox game and/or new player retention.

For example, if the game has a goal for more people to participate in an activity…such as living in Pochven, then perhaps it is worthwhile to consider respecting the LP store. This has absolutely nothing to do with exclusive, tournament, or rare items.

Tournament prizes are not available in LP Stores. The entire purpose of this post is to discuss LP store items, specifically in Pochven. An item is listed in the Pochven store but it cannot be purchased, due to components not being released. Is this intentional, future iteration, error/bug, or other? Nobody knows. I have no idea how your feedback/reply has anything to do with this.

Lastly, as a simple suggestion, maybe more items should follow the model of the Pochven LP store and have some apparel be available. This is just an idea and not a specific grievance. It would be an isk sink and it would be a motivation to mission run with a particular faction. Once again, I chose a playstyle based on items listed in the Pochven store. This was misleading because some items prevent me from achieving this goal. I am allowed to be frustrated with this situation.

Ah my bad, I re-read everything and I was wrong. I misunderstood. The guy who mentioned Arena and Pochven bit made me think “tournament”. Bit embarassing. Thought it was also referring to the trade items as well so yeah it makes no sense to be in the store if they were never released.

Still seems like they are going for LE on this stuff to commemorate the event, why they put in store IDK.

I think there’s around 200 various Apparel items listed in the Database that were never seeded into the game…

Back when CCP first implemented Apparel, they received a lot of negative feedback for quite a while. Due to that they basically became gun-shy. Over the years since the infamous ‘Summer Of Rage’, they’ve periodically released some of those items. Most recently was the Men’s ‘Rider’ Pants (royal gold) released exclusively in an event game pack sold on the website.

Personally I think CCP should switch out the Apparel items in the NES for different ones every 3 months or so… That way players can have a chance of getting a specific item they want…

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