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This might be the wrong section, but as missions are the only way I know of to earn LP, here goes.

I want bitchin’ cybernetics for my face. There are many to choose from in the SoE LP Store, but they require a currency that is no longer in the game. I would like to encourage fixing this dilemma. This could be achieved by (in descending order of personal preference):

  • Remove the AK requirement, suitably increasing the LP and ISK costs to compensate
  • Move these items to the NES at a more ‘premium’ PLEX price than other augmentations
  • Remove them from the SoE LP Store with no further changes

I imagine inactive pilots with hordes of AK might get buttmad, so a warning of the change with a lengthy lead time seems appropriate.

Your comments/criticisms welcome.

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Analysis Kredits - players earned those from Sisters Of Eve during the first Project Discovery: Human Protein Atlas.

The ability to gain Analysis Kredits was removed from the game but some players still have Analysis Kredits available, that’s why those items in the SoE LP Store still list AK.

Due to that fact, CCP should add an alternate option to purchase those items from the SoE LP Store at increased LP and ISK cost.


Thanks for bringing up this subject, I did that first Project Discovery for a while, never did turn in any LP’s or AK’s to get items from their LP Store. I should definitely check and cash in on that.


would be nice, Supply is getting low, and these are some rather popular boosters.


If CCP could manage that without breaking the store, it sounds like an ideal fix to me.

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