LPS for Project Discovery with Sisters EVE?

Tool tip on Agency says you get LPs. No you don’t?


It is a “rotating series” of mini games. I guess it is out of rotation. You can get “ak’s” from said mini games when in rotation to use in sisters lp store.

CCP abondons content without blog or warning on a whim so expect to never see this opertunity again or maybe it’ll be back tomorrow.

What tends to happen is the CCP’r in charge of this small section of game gets canned and the managers forget about it as they don’t actually play the game.

They only listen to the CSM (barely) who have 1 intrest null sec which is a minority part of the game. This equates to a very broken game with a lot of legacy dead ends but also explotiable paths which you can find.

For example data centre’s combined with glamorx allowed you to max faction and npc copr standing very quickly. A task that took months of play could be obtained in 12 hrs with a skill injector and a free implant.

You used to receive Analysis Kredits that you could exchange for certain items in the SOE LP store. Not sure if this was discontinued as it was only a thing for the Cell Identification PD.

You can also get “rare” cosmetics, rare in the sense that ccp never added certain unique clothes and skins to the market or contract system so you can only now get hold of them via station trade or by contract sort by type.

Female research agent jacket being a nice cosmeitic you will never find on the market nor is it searchable on contract but you can sell it on contract still.

I have a char called Ronja Green wearing one which you can view in game on char portrait. I can also sell more for 10bn isk each to others who may want them.

Wow, that’s a weird mistake.

Project Discovery was originally a mini game where you identified cell samples, and in that incarnation, you received AKs that could (and still can) be spent with SoE LP stores.

However, that incarnation was retired a couple of years ago and the current incarnation gives you ISK and skin crates (with some milestone awards), no AK and no LP points in any other form.

It looks like that description is outdated and got pulled in. Or else the current incarnation of PD is about to be retired and somebody jumped the gun in this text if they are going back to a LP/AK system. Either way, it’s misleading and incorrect for the current version of PD.

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