Project Discovery

(78 Aster) #1

The SOE still has stuff for sale that require AK. From a lite search I found AK was gained through project discovery (or so it was said). I also read somewhere that CCP was converting AK into LP of some kind, yet there is no LP and was no AK given during the previous Project discovery. SO I have to ask, what will happen with those now’ “unobtainable unless someone already has them” type items?

Will they…

Go for plex?

Be bought with LP?

Be removed?

Or just be left there, dangling in front of everyone like a Diamond the size of Godzilla from a fishing poll?

(Joia Crenca) #2

Ack, interesting question… I haven’t been back to Project Discovery since the tutorial for Exoplanets was broken.

(Nevyn Auscent) #3

AK was not converted, so those rewards are obtainable for anyone with an AK reserve left over.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #4

rip Antipharms went from like 1 mil each to 6mil. If you have some AK left over there is some isk to be made.