The AK or Analysis Kredits (S.O.E. loyalty points)

Hi all,

Well I have been playing this game for a short time now and I came across something that I have found to be a bit pointless and very annoying. I am referring to the AK or Analysis Kredits (S.O.E. loyalty points), the thing about these points is that they are no longer available and thus any item that requires these points in unobtainable and this is very annoying as I want an item but I am not able to get it because the dev’s have removed the AK points from the game quite some time ago.

So my question is simple, if the AK points have now been discontinued, why are they still a requirement to purchase some items in the S.O.E, loyalty store and why has this requirement not been removed from all items that require this points, as it prevents new players like me from making the most out of our loyalty points and it also makes a mockery of the whole points system if certain points have been discontinued nd the requirement for use not have been removed at the same time as they were discontinued and those players with a large quantity of these points given the chance to ether exchange them for items in the store or exchange the for an equal amount of Isk?

I think the items in question can still be obtained elsewhere, but not that easy.

I have checked the market as that is the only location outside of S.O.E stations were items can be purchased, but all that is on the market is 9 x skins and 1 x men’s S.O.E, expedition suit and 1 x women’s expedition suit, but the item’s I wanted from S.O.E loyalty store are not available on the market.

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