Bring back AK points

I’m wondering if there’s any plans to ever bring back a way to acquire Analysis Kredit points so we can purchase the SoE rewards for avatars and boosters.


Given that the Sisters are no longer involved, I don’t see this happening.

True, but I would still like to see some way to earn this currency, otherwise a chunk of their LP store just isn’t attainable anymore.

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I suspect the intent is to allow people who already have AK to spend it to get drifter drugs and the like, but not allow new people to do so.

The Agency boosters seem to replace some of the Drifter booster niche, and you can still get them in the Drifter wormholes, making those more valuable again.

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True, however there’s also the cosmetic items. Even though they have no impact in gameplay, it also means it’s impossible to obtain those anymore too.

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Which means those already in game will increase in value over time. All the items are available on the in game market if you want them.

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Not true. The Advanced Combat Suits are not listed on the Market anymore and you can’t search them in contracts.

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