Am I Blind? Is The Game Blind?

(Anderson Geten) #21

Then read again your statement :

That is just false. The basic agents (=regular but mechanical term is basic) just do NOT work the way you say.

nobody was. The previous post of OP is about career agents.

even YOU were talking about regular agents

yes, totally BS. You got this completely wrong.

(Rexxar Santaro) #22

Yeah, this is the solution for other similar situation at any LP stores.


Most EVE UI caches all functional data while opening and haven’t any refresh/autorefresh operation. You opened the LP store and tried to convert LP, which failed due to missing crystals in station hangar. You put the crystals from transporter to the hangar with opened LP store UI, right? And did that again, right?

(Whiskiz IronScrotum) #23

Not sure if i did bring the store up then transfer the required items from ship inventory to hangar, but it’s possible since i was of course carrying them in the ship inventory on the way there.

Odd that that kind of thing works that way if so.

(Solonius Rex) #24

For level 2-4 agents, this is exactly how it works, is it not?

I mistyped, i was refering to Career agents.

Which I thought was obvious because i was directly replying to his discussion about career agents.

And the fact that i mistyped the type of agent, while discussing it in the same breadth, isnt totally BS, and completely wrong, but okay. Again, not really BS.

(Anderson Geten) #25

not at all.

They are ONLY driven by the standing, not limited to a number of deny.

ALL the BASIC agents work on the same effective standing , and they all have a required effective standing . l1 basic agents have a required standing of -10 so they are always available.

(Solonius Rex) #26

Okay, now I kind of understand what your objection is.

So, basically, not really, no.

If your standings are below a certain amount, you can no longer accept missions because they do not offer you missions. And therefore, you cannot decline what you cannot accept.

And although there is no theoretical limit on declines, practically speaking, you are limited to the number of declines that would take you below that specific standing, and therefore lock you out of that agent, whether that be consecutive, or within a certain timeframe.

(Zachri) #27

Remove the cause of going blind here. I’m sure you know what I mean.

(Anderson Geten) #28

And this is not what you said. You affirmed you can decline one per 4H. Which is wrong.

Plus your explanation is that “denies are driven by accept” Which is not relate to “offer is driven by standing”

This means you just made total BS sentences.