Messy lazers

Can you organize laser ammo in the inventory a little better please?
I have plenty of laser crystals in a container… Let’s put aside, that Minmatar asks for lasers… Many of the crystals are used. To some unknown extent to me. When I want to fast equip some crystals it is a mess which to take? I want to take equally used crystals at least. But which is that? Can you add some indication to the crystals in the inventory?
Thank you.
Fly lazors

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Yes, that’s the mess I would like to see to be fixed. How about filter to sort it out by types, not to put the crystals all around. And I miss indication how much are the crystals used.

The above picture is sorted by type, but CCP’s definition of types is rather peculiar.

Thank you for explanation. I have different containers for different types of ammunition to mitigate that somehow. But still this could be way more user friendly.


Why the hell am I the only one who uses the filters?

They are awesome!

Dear god…


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or allow us to repair crystals now so we can stack em again.

i dont know why these and mining crystals are still a thing. we should be able to repair them with nanopaste in space or station repair when docked.

just a thought.

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