Active PVP/Mining corp LF Alliance

Howdy potential new bff alliance. Thug is on the hunt for a new alliance.

We are open to all regions Hi-sec/lowsec/nullsec/WH.

Here is what we are looking for.

  1. Got to have that infrastructure in place already, in order for our corp to grow.
  2. Have a relaxed atmosphere. We have a lot of new players, and I refuse to have them or any of my vets talked to like ■■■■ because your FC or diplo or whomever is a 16 year old on summer vacation.
  3. Logistics: This mainly is just for Null sec alliances looking at us. We do have have a few JF’s in corp already, but lets face facts. That crap gets old real fast, so if you got logistics set up already that’s a win.
  4. We are open to any TZ based alliance should it fit the rest of our needs, just understand that we are more UStz heavy than EUtz at the moment.

That’s about it.
What we offer is the follow:
At least 8-10 online at all times.
Eu Light TZ - US heavy TZ
Decent amount of dreads, and a few supers.

If you are interested in this, please Mail Jigro in-game with offers. We will make our decision in the next 48 hours.

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would you be willing to merge?

If you can get an active headcount of 20, come check out SLYCE.

Hey @Jigro

I think our alliance may be of interested to you. We at ARSON industries are a lowsec pvp alliance that lives in the Solitude region. We have plenty of opportunities to make isk and we have a lot of enemies that will provide content on a daily basis. We can always use more pvpers willing to use capitals as we’re not shy to push them around even if its a bad idea.

We’re also mainly US TZ with some EU/AU TZ. While we’re not a huge group we’re competent, active, and always on the look out for good content. We’re also a very laid back group with an RL first mentality that we hope you will respect. Check out our killboard and join our public channel Open Filth to have a chat with us. I’ll forward this post to you in game as well. I’ll also send a reply to each of your points in our mail.

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