Mayhem Enterprises is Recruiting New and Old

Mayhem Enterprises is a Industrial/Mining Focused Corp, we are not war eligible, for a more chill experience in High sec, we do mining OP`s in low and null and own our own Lowsec space.

if you are looking for all out war, (PvP) our sister corp (Mayhem Mechanics) (MM) is the corp for you. we have a combined chat channel for both corp`s so every one can
communicate with each other in one channel.

We are Looking for
Exploration, Mission Running, Incursion, Alliance Warfare, Small-Scale Gangs, Trade, Mining, Research, Manufacturing.

We are New Player Friendly.
Minimum Skill Points Requirement 0.

Friendly Fire is Illegal.

Area of Operations:
High Sec, Low Sec, 0.0 Sec, Wormhole Space


Time Zone: EU & US but all are Welcome.

Alpha and Omegas are Welcome.

We’re an industry focused corp, that collaborates within a alliance/coalition with access to Low Sec and Null sec space.

What we offer:

  • Ice & Ore Mining Fleets, with Max Boosts.
  • PvE mission running.
  • Active incursion groups.
  • Discord Channel with BOT. (Mic is not Requierd).
  • Corp Buy Back programs.
  • Shareholder Program.
  • Full industrial setup.
  • Blue access to Domain Low sec and Null Sec.
  • Cannot be wardecced, safe corp.
    -Worm Holes.

all we ask is that you Actively play EvE online, and help the corp to reach its long term goals and tasks, and if you feel like takeing a break from the game for a while. You will still keep your membership until you return.

If this sounds like something for you. Contact me ingame: Swatmo ZM

as im not active on this forum.

Hope to see you, and take care :slight_smile:

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