Industrial Mining and Mayhem is now open to new recruits

                        Industrial Mining and Mayhem is now recruiting.

Have you dreamed of living in null? Possibly dreamed of being part of something much larger then yourself?
Is highsec just not fulfilling your need for speed?
Do you want to mine fat juicy moons to make your billions, possibly trillions in Eve?
Are you looking for daily yeet fleets with the juiciest of targets?
Does your current corporation not feel like a tight knit community?

Well Industrial Mining and Mayhem may very well be the place for you! We are an active RL comes first community corporation that believes in helping each other, making money and killing the baddies. We enjoy the luxury of fat juicy corp and alliance moon mining, daily fleets for the pvp addicts and a generally high amount of all content within the game. We also enjoy the luxury of being members of a much larger coalition with daily content and added fleets for all aspects of the game as well. We are actively recruiting new, returning and veteran pilots.

This means you!

If any of the above falls into what you are looking for please join our discord and come say hi.
We look forward to hearing from you!

We are still open to recruits.

We are open to newbro players as well. If you can listen and take note from the more experienced veterans, then we would love to have you as well.

Another day and another bump. We are looking for pilots for all walks of the game.

Yes we are still recruiting. Yes we have cookies.

Still looking for new recruits, cookies are fresh.