Actively Fighting and Recruiting in the EU and USTZ

The Phoenix Uprising is a proud member of the Federation Uprising family, a tight-knit alliance that feels more like a big (but not too big) corporation. We’re a member of the Legacy Coalition, but pride ourselves on our self-sufficiency and identity. This means you get the massive tidi blobfests if that’s your thing, but where we really shine is in smaller scale PvP content.

You’re right for us if you are:

  • Bloodthirsty (love to pvp or want to learn)
  • Social and active on comms (Mumble)
  • Mature and thick-skinned
  • A team player
  • Either self-sufficient or proactive in seeking help
  • Bonus: Indy-minded (mining, production, hauling)

We offer:

  • Active and engaged leadership
  • A dynamic corp/alliance that’s always in the thick of things
  • Excellent space in Fountain for income
  • A tight-knit and social atmosphere

Additional Info:

  • ESI check and interview required
  • SP requirement is flexible
  • RL first: if you’re online, play hard; if you’re not, it’s none of our business

Interested? We’d love to chat!

Ingame Channel: TPUX Recruitment

If you want to be right in the middle of the action but also able to take your own time to do stuff, then this is an amazing home for you.

You get all the perks of big block life with few of the draw backs. Want to join a 250 man HAC fleet? We got you. Want to roam with a few pals? We got you. Want to fight in medium size gangs? We got you.

Want relatively safe krabbing space? We got you. Want industry facilities and people with the experience and tools to help you get set up? We got you. Want dank moons? We got you.

This is a chance to live on the frontier wild west style while still being able to relax and enjoy the game - this doesn’t come up often in EVE. Take the chance while it’s there.

Still recruiting! We’ve got plenty of new space and infrastructure since the first post, and the alliance has plans for more independent action during the siege of 1DQ. Come be part of the action!

Recruitment continues to be open!

Come find the feeling of family, the glory of the battlefield, the thrill of ratting, the joy of mining… All in one place.

Hugs are free, SRP is adequate, and the content is frequent.

We want:
-Your friend
-Your other friend

As long as:
-You’re willing to defend your space
-A team player
-Self sufficient or willing to ask for the help you need
-Capable of flying some of our basic home defense doctrines and willing to train into more specialized doctrines over time

…Do you want to know more?

Ingame Channel: TPUX Recruitment

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