Actual Disorder (newbie corp) Recruiting!

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Hello and welcome pilots!

Actual Disorder is opening its doors to help teach pilots PVP.

Feign Disorder, the alliance Actual Disorder is in, is a wealth of PVP and game knowledge. We have decided we need to be sharing this info with new players and creating one of the most competitive newbie corp in all of New Eden!

What you can expect is to have near daily fleets and competent FC’s to guide you. We are shooting to have weekly training sessions to help sharpen the skills you need in eve online to participate competitively in pvp. After you have sharpened your skills and found a good spot in the corp we will find a new home for you in one of the major corps in Feign Disorder.

All we ask is that you have a working headset and the ability to use Teamspeak and discord.
Please respond here if you have an interest or feel free to hop into our public channel for more info!

In game Channel - Actual Disorder

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Recruitment still open!

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Recruitment still open!

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