Feign-Disorder is recruiting bloodthirsty PVPers

Edit: Recruitment is temporarily closed. Will re-open shortly, contact me or any recruiters for details or exceptions!

Feign-Disorder is a 60 pilot group that has existed in some shape or form for 5 years. We’ve dabbled in many forms of PvP, from low-sec landlords to null-sec sovereignty trolls. Since we rose from the ashes of several groups that fought each others on a daily basis, we have very strong roots in small gang. But today we use any type of fleet and any tools at our disposal to insure fun and explosions.

We have only one standing rule which is to honor any agreement, be it 1v1, contract or temp-blue.

We have recently joined and are proud members of Black Legion, as a way to expand the range of our PvP content on a daily basis, and obviously because Elo Knight has a sexy voice.

We are primarily USTZ.


  1. 20 million SP minimum
  2. Ability to fly at least one ship in all of our doctrines.
  3. A working mic.
  4. Ability to generate isk on your own.
  5. Ability to learn from your mistakes.

If you are interested in joining, hop on our Discord

We use SeAT to get you access to our services and it is part of our recruitment process.

You can even apply in-game or contact Dave Lash, Crazy Vania or Vojax Rheinheld.

Old Killboard


Recruitment is Open

Recruitment sitll open

Recruitment still open, lots of good fights going down


Recruitment still open, Test been feeding us some good kills lately!

Yesterday we went from camping a wormhole to desperately trying to reinforce a Rote Kappelle small gang to kill a caught Ninazu, to merging forces with said small gang until their FC died, at which point we continued to roam in Branch, Venal and Tenal, fighting random huge defense forces and catching sleeping ratters.

Our typical corp content is fleets of 5-10 kiting ships roaming with good hunters spearheading regional roams.

Our typical alliance content is fleets of 30-60 FCed by Elo Knight.

-Edit: Recruitment still open!

Recruitment is temporarily closed, we’re working on a couple things and we have some move ops going on, which isn’t a great time to take in new recruits :slight_smile:

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