Add a summon command

I suggest adding a summon command that can summon any type of ship at your current location in Singularity. It’s such a pain buying then transporting a Praxis just to test my new gun arrangement.

In Singularity, I can see this being nice.

Use moveme to go to a seed system and buy everything you need at that location?

boo hoo. Singularity is ya know the development test server. Not the “test my fits in safety” server. It is nice that CCP leaves it open when not needed for testing, but don’t push your luck.

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‘Summon Blood Raider Shipyard’!

To add onto what Mkikaden said: SEVERAL systems outside of the /moveme systems are also seeded. (That is, you are able to travel to any system accessible in TQ, not just the /moveme systems, and find what you need and do your thing wherever.)

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