Add a way to bulk list items on the market

Hello and 7o! I’m here to chuck an idea out into the wind!

So I’ve found myself processing large volumes of random stuff recently and it has created an interesting problem. When I go to list an item on the market it takes a decent bit of time and effort to figure out how exactly I want to price the item. This is fine normally, but when you get huge volumes of the most random stuff in the universe it creates the issue where you have to sit down for an hour and price each item one by one and then sell them one by one. (Which gets tiring after doing it dozens of times with 100+ items each time)

Now that I’ve explained what my problem is, now for the idea: Add something like a “Import sell list from clipboard” option where you could take a list of items from a spreadsheet and then bulk list them all at once, and any price calculations would have to be done in the spreadsheet. Now obviously there would need to be a system in place to check that the seller has the items they want to sell, but I don’t know how the coding for this works in the slightest so I’m in no position to say how those checks would be run.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk

Multi-Sell already exists. You can check prices on the market for individual items by clicking on the green/red price difference indicator.

I’m less talking about selling more then one type on item at once, and more thinking of a way to do bulk calculations outside of the game and then import that entire list in one go.

As an example:
Copy the items you have into a spreadsheet
Also copy that list into Janice
Take the prices that Janice gives and paste them into the spreadsheet
Copy that entire list with both item and the price you want for each of them, and then import the entire thing into the item sell interface.

(If there is a way to do this already in game please show me cause I can’t find it)