Standardize Remote Buy/Sell Interface

There’s one way to do them if you’re in station. There’s another way to do them if you’re in space.

Both ways require finding the one station you want in the full range of you’re procurement skill which can get messy from a UI perspective.

Some kind of private tracker for number of relists would be good too since it would identify how much brokerage costs went into an order. The current market order window would be a good place for the running total of relists fees.

Another issue is that buy orders sometimes produce multiple stacks which can’t be combined remotely. The ability to stack and combine items remotely would be hugely beneficial to remote buy/sell skills.

As a side note, you can currently split stacks remotely by creating a remote contract.

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Hotkeys for “View Market Details”, “Buy Item”, and “Sell Item” would be useful too.

The ability to tag market orders outside of the additional text in the quickbar would be useful.

As an example, an additional column in the Market Orders ->My Orders page with customizable and sortable tags would help identify market orders that I want to actively pursue, wait for a while, etc.

The ability to tag specific transactions with simple information like purchase price would be useful.

The ability to place sell orders like multibuy would be extremely useful and would save a stupid amount of time for me personally.

Basically be able to select 100 items and when you click sell items, you would have an option to paste in a list of prices from clipboard. So if I have 100 different set numbers on my clipboard, it would drop in the numbers from top to bottom.

Also a mass price edit would be cool too. Selecting different items with ctrl-click, then right-click > edit would open a multi edit window that looks similier to placing a multi sell window. Also having the option to paste in a list of numbers to use as prices would be amazing.

Both of those additions to the market would improve my trading sevenfold and would probably help others aswell.

Nice feedback. I think the ability to create calculation columns in the market tab would be highly useful. Do you agree?

What kind of calculations would you be referring too? Personally I handle all calculations in spreadsheets which has been working pretty well.

Also to add, it would be really nice to beable to ctrl-click orders in the Market Orders window to be able to mass-edit multiple orders, or mass-cancel multiple orders.

It’d be nice to have a scalar times purchase price for market orders. I’d use it to calculate minimum profitability inside the game versus exporting to a spreadsheet program.

I would 100% stay subbed if CCP made these thread changes, and increase my trading/play time

The ability to set a default station to place buy orders would be really handy. I hate having to type the same station names over and over again.

As it currently stands, I place all buy orders at TTT and have to 1) click on the station name, 2) click in the box for the new location, 3) type tranquility trading tower to get an autocomplete, 4) click OK, 5) set my price, 6) click OK.

Lots of extra clicks for no reason.

That sounds like a huge hassle… If CCP made trading more scalable and easier to manage, it would boost item movements all around New Eden.

It would be nice if items could be added to the market quick bar from the market orders tab.

When you’re in a POS and click the “Place Buy Order” button it checks if you have access to the POS market instead of using your remote buy skills.

Some BPC only come in 5 run jobs. It’s really annoying to have to start/restart jobs over and over again to make 5000 tetryon ammo.

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