Viewing and modifying buy orders - missing info/options?

Of particular note, once it’s been submitted, there’s no way to even check a market order to find the range at which you’re buying from the order’s location. You can see the location it’s at, but not the range. And when modifying the order, it doesn’t show you the current range, nor does it let you alter this value. I don’t play a lot with market orders to rearrange things, so there might be other missing features I’m not aware of, but this seems like something you really should be able to see and edit without having to cancel and recreate an order if you aren’t sure you’d done it right the first time.

you can r. click your market order , and show market details . this brings up the market page for that item , with all the info and your order will be highlighted . this only works in the same region your order is in .

don’t confuse missing features with intended limitations , such as above .

You can, yes. But that is a restriction on where you can see the timeframe on an order you already placed, and doesn’t let you change the timeframe when you can change most other things about the order.

I don’t believe this is an intended limitation. And if it is, there should be some explanation for why it’s intended, and I haven’t seen any such explanation, from you or anyone else.